Girls Varsity Cheerleading, Varsity Cheerleading · Adrian Announces New Competitive & Sideline Cheer Coach

The Adrian High School Athletic Department announced Christina Robbins as its next sideline and competitive cheer coach.  Christina is a teacher at Adrian High School and Springbrook Middle School. Christina graduated from Walled Lake Central High School where she was a member of both their competitive and sideline cheer teams.

“Maple Pride is not just something that exists, it’s something that cheerleaders evoke into the hearts of our crowd. Cheering is like bringing the heartbeat up and being one as a whole team.” Robbins continued, “My first and foremost goal is to create a strong team of leaders. As cheerleaders, students in the school look up to you to bring school spirit. The crowd begs for excitement in the stands. And the team needs you to show pride. My second goal is to bring cheerleading to the community by holding camps and bringing school spirit to not just football at the high school, but all of Adrian Public Schools.”

Athletic director Andy Mains said, “following our interview process, Christina was the top choice with an impressive amount of vision and passion to lead the cheerleading program to the next level.”  Mains continued, “she sees the importance of what the program means to the community and district.”

The APS Board of Education is expected to approve the selection committee’s recommendation on the new sideline & competitive cheer coach at the next regularly scheduled meeting.